Five Habits that set the right tone to your day

As a parent, I have found that setting the right tone to your day is the difference between having a shit day or a great day. For me, I cannot stand being rushed in the morning. There have been days when Mark wakes me up with “Honey, I’m leaving. Henry is downstairs. Have a good day!” So essentially, I have to get up, get ready, cater to Henry and Posie, and do ALL the things ALL at once. I can’t deal. This is something we’ve worked through 😉 But it’s taken time and practice. So, here are my top tips for setting the right tone to your day for all you busy parents out there.

5 habits set tone day

ONE  communicate

Duh. But you’d be surprised how often I hear other couples (myself included) complain about a surprise being thrown at them in the middle of their day when the other partner swears he/she told them like a million times. In our case, we both work from home and have erratic schedules, so no two days are ever the same. While this is fun, it can easily begin to feel hectic. Mark and I have started to go through our the schedule for the following day the night before. When it’s fresh in my mind this way, I can prepare mentally and logistically so I don’t feel as though I’m being thrown into this insane parenting kaleidoscope.

TWO  have a shared calendar

We recently had dinner at our good friend’s house and they recommended starting a shared calendar. They swear by it. I’m ALL about this because I have major type-A tendencies and I think it would help a ton. Mark, on the other hand, has like four different iCloud/@me/whatever accounts and can’t keep his own calendars synced. So we’re working on this. But as soon as it happens, I know life will become so much easier!

THREE  prepare

Have the diaper bag/backpack/purse packed with what you’ll need the next day. For me, I’m still in the diaper bag phase and always have the following in there:




change of clothes for both kids

water bottle


hand and face wipes





lip chap & lip gloss

burp bib

FOUR  make your bed

No, your Mom didn’t pay me to write this nag-worthy tip. It’s a simple task and the outcome is one I’ve come to really appreciate. Your bedroom is your haven and keeping it in order is just an act of self-love. Knowing that you have this clean, safe, cozy place to return to after the craziness of the day is so worth it. So take the 3 seconds and do it. Oh, and tip… get rid of the flat sheet! It always ends up scrunched in a ball at the very end of the bed anyway and it’s so annoying to deal with. We removed ours and just use a fitted sheet and duvet cover, making it incredibly easy to make the bed!

FIVE remind yourself why you do what you do

When you’re in the thick of it, be it work/kids/whatever, it can be really difficult to detach yourself to see the big picture that is life. For example, there are days when I have a million errands, work commitments, meetings, deadlines, social engagements, all the while being a full-time stay-at-home Mom. It’s in my nature to get severely anxious and I can get easily overwhelmed if I’m not able to detach myself from it all and focus on my priorities.

I was listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast a while back and he interviewed the guys that came up with the 5 Minute Journal. I was very tempted to buy the journal, but knowing me, I’d get really excited and write in it for about a week and then never open it again. Anyone else!? So I dove in a little deeper because I was really attracted to the ideas of gratitude and prioritizing behind this journal. So instead of writing everything down, I practice the same principle in my head and it’s really helped me regain focus throughout the day. I get less overwhelmed and most of all I feel grateful for what’s actually important without getting caught up in the silly things of life. Here’s how you do it:

As soon as you wake up, think of 3 things you are grateful for (my example from today):

{one} healthy kids 

{two} a supportive husband

{three} access to fresh veggies (I’m on a smoothie kick at the moment…) 

Right after, list 3 things you would like to accomplish today (my example from today):

{one} publish this blog post

{two} draft a new blog post 

{three} go grocery shopping 

Before you go to bed, ask yourself…

{one}  if you accomplished your 3 goals?

{two} how could today have been better

{three} what am I grateful for?

5 habits set tone dayThat’s it! Simple simple simple. What do you do to get your day started off right? Meditation? Music? Coffee? Whatever it is, keep doing what works for you. Create your own habits and live by them, swear by them, and inspire others!

Love, peace & habits 

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