Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’re in pursuit of inspiration, a Mom-community, health & wellness advice, or maybe some kick-ass recipes. Perhaps you’re just looking for a li’l encouragement and motivation from a Mom friend (oh hiiii)!

Well, what started as a collection of cute photos of my son on Instagram has now turned into my full-time career. I work alongside my husband, Mark (a professional photographer) and together, we’re raising two young children. Over the past two years, my blog and Instagram page have become a place of inspiration, reflection, and comfort to others. I tell my stories through beautiful photos, personal narratives, and of course, dorky mom humour.

I started this blog not only as a creative outlet for myself but as a community builder. I’m sharing my journey with you in the hopes that you can relate, learn (mainly from my mistakes), and be inspired. I want you to become healthy, happy, and more than just comfortable in your own skin. I write about my hardcore feelings, tangible health and wellness advice, and then fluffy things like birthday parties and cupcakes.

Really, just think of this blog as just reading a whole bunch of texts from a mommy friend. I’m here to support, listen, teach and learn.

Let’s get our move on with this journey.

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I’m so excited that you’re here. I really do appreciate it… and you.