Best Headphones in Canada

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Finding the perfect set of headphones was harder than finding my husband. No seriously. I’ve bought several and they’d constantly slip out of my ears and I started to think there was something wrong with ME. Ugh, the parallels to dating are unreal here. About a month ago, I was sent a pair of Jabra Elite Active 75t Truly Wireless Headphones from Best Buy Canada and I feel like I’ve found the holy grail of headphones… finally.

best headphones canada

The sound quality of these is an obvious perk but you can’t understand just how good they are until you try them. Like, I can’t hear my kids – that’s how good they are 😉

Ways I use my earbuds

Working out

With gyms being closed, I’ve been doing at-home workouts just about every day. I’ll put my headphones in and zone-in. No distractions, no noise except for my trainer’s voice. It doesn’t matter how much I jump or how many burpees they make me do (ugh), these headphones have never fallen out. They come with three different sizes, so you can switch ’em up if the originals don’t fit your ears perfectly.

best headphones canada

Meetings and Webinars

best headphones canada

The microphone on the Jabra headphones is stellar. I’m probably not alone in saying this, but I’ve been having Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls every day since being in quarantine. I’ve also been presenting at least once a week through various platforms giving live webinars and I’ve worn these headphones for all of them. I’ve had nothing but great success with them and I love the discreet look.

best headphones canada

Blowdrying my Hair

I know, this one’s a weird one. But if you had hair like mine, you’d understand. It takes me almost an hour to blow dry my mass amounts of hair and then another 20 minutes to style it. I’d rather watch a show or listen to an audiobook than listen to the loud blast of my dryer. Since these headphones don’t have wires, there’s nothing to work around, making it actually FUN to do my hair and get ready.

The Tech Stuff


So easy to charge these little guys! Just pop them into the case and it’ll charge for you. You still need to charge the case but not very often. Once you juice up the charger, it’ll be good to charge your headphones on its own for days on end 🙂

best headphones canada

Sound Quality

My brother and I are in the habit of talking for hours on end while I go for walks, sometimes with the kids, sometimes without. Every time, he would complain about the harsh wind that would come rushing through my old pair of headphones, even when it wasn’t windy. I decided to test my Jabra headphones on him and had ZERO complaints! The sound comes through crystal clear and blocks out noises like vehicles, wind, chatter, etc.
best headphones canadaThese little headphones also have two settings – one that cancels out all outside noise and one called ‘hear through’. You just press the left headset and you can hear all outside noises plus whatever you’re listening to. I didn’t know how much I’d love this particular setting until I used it. I use it when I go for walks so I can hear if there’s a bike bell behind me or a vehicle coming around the corner.

best headphones canada

Other things I love about my Jabra Elite Headphones

• no pairing issues
• sound and bass is INSANE
• earbuds have battery life over 7 hours
• no tangled cords
• won’t rust and is water-resistant (you know, for those really sweaty workouts 😉 )
• also comes in navy blue

best headphones canada

If you’re looking for headphones that do it all, head to Best Buy Canada and snag these babies up. I promise you’ll fall head over heels.

Love, peace & all about dat bass

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