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Hey party people. Did you have a good weekend? Mine was spent in the most exciting way – changing poopy diapers, rockin’ out to Raffi and drinking my weight in coffee. #momlife

Anyway, how about something actually exciting? I want to tell you about some re-branding that’ll be taking place around here. If you’ve been following my Instagram Stories, you know that I’ve been struggling with my name… nope, it’s still Jasmin. I’m talking about my brand name.

Lemons for Days Blog

Here’s the Dealyo

My blog name is Lemons for Days and my Instagram name was @henryandwe. Confusing right?

I started my Instagram account when Henry was born two years ago. Prior to that, I had no idea what Instagram was, nor did I use any other social media. How times change 😉 So I started my account for funsies, only wanting to baby spam my friends and family. I didn’t have the intention to start a blog or build a brand whatsoever, so I hadn’t given much thought to my handle. Fast forward two years later, and I use Instagram several times and have been getting more and more questions about why I have two different names.

And the story goes like this…

The handle @henryandwe is pretty self-explanatory. Henry is my son, and my Husband & I are the “We”. Now we have our little Josephine, so that name doesn’t really work. << Reason #1.

The blog name Lemons for Days stems from my obsession with lemons. When I first launched my blog in December 2016 (8 months after I started the Instagram account) I definitely struggled coming up with a name. I didn’t want to call it Henry and We because that would have pigeonholed me into writing solely about parenting and family life. << Reason #2. While I do write about these topics, I also write about health, wellness, travel, and lifestyle. So using my Instagram handle as a blog name wasn’t an option for me.

I began to think about something that was habitual in my life that was healthy. I’m an avid lemon water drinker in the AM so that there ya go. Not much else to it! Lemons for Days was born. So although I’ve expanded from writing about health and wellness to a variety of other topics, I still feel as though this name suits my brand. A zesty little yellow lemon represents something bright, cheerful and fun – kinda you & me 😉 << Reason #3

Lemons for Days Blog

Long story short

I’ll be changing my Instagram handle from @henryandwe to @lemons.for.days

The evolution of a brand is always exciting, and I’m so thrilled to have shared this news with you today! Thank you for being with me from the very beginning. I look forward to continuing to bring you genuine and fun content, just with more consistency to my names!

Love, peace & squeezing the day 

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