Incredibly Easy Gluten-Free Vegan Gnocchi

gluten free gnocchi recipe

Quick. Easy. Decadent… YES, PLEASE!!

I’ve been craving comfort in these last couple weeks of pregnancy and when I say this dish hit the spot, it HIT THE SPOT. Our kids request pasta for dinner almost every night so I wanted something similar but damn, rice pasta can get boring. So I hit the grocery store and picked up two packages of gluten-free gnocchi. I used the Scarpone brand but you can find similar gluten-free gnocchi on Amazon here.

gluten free gnocchi recipe

Okay, enough about me – let’s get to the recipe!

I hope this recipe saves you time and comforts you! Oh, and if you’re wondering about this beauty of a pan, it’s from Our Place and it’s been amazing. I got it in the colour Sage and have been using it just about daily for two months now. I’d highly recommend. My only complaint is that I wish this company made stock pots and larger pans because I would replace all of my cookware with these!

gluten free gnocchi recipe

Love, peace & gnocchi

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