Home birth supply checklist

Home birthing Mamas, HELLO! And welcome 🙂 With my third baby making his/her appearance in just eight short weeks, I have started to gather my home birthing supplies. All part of the nesting phase, ya know.

home birth kit list

To give you a bit of background, this will be my third home birth (that’s the plan anyway). We chose to birth at home with all our children after doing our own research, taking birthing classes, and being under the care of a midwife. Everything went completely smoothly and you can read all about my first labour here.

home birth kit list

Home Birth Supply Checklist

I spent some time this past weekend stocking up on home birthing supplies and have compiled a list right here for you. I did not do a water birth for any of my kiddos so water birth supplies aren’t listed. There are also a few other items you may want depending on your personal needs. This list is based on my personal needs and all the things I needed and used for my first two labour and deliveries.

1 shower curtain or waterproof bedsheets (for protecting your bed mattress)

1 set of old bedsheets

incontinence pads (mattress and furniture protection for during and after labour & delivery. I used these for 3 days after I can birth just in case I bled through)

water bottle with a straw (you’ll be in weird positions and may not want to sit up every 15 minutes to take a sip of water. but drinking water throughout your labour is critical so grab a water bottle with a built-in straw to it’s easy for you to drink from)

1 roll of paper towel (for the little messes)

3-6 large towels (for the big messes. We just use our old towels and replace them)

large bowl (for placenta)

large Ziploc bag (for placenta if you are keeping it for encapsulating)

large garbage bags (for the mess)

small cloths (for perineum compress)

crockpot (for perineum compress. the small cloths will sit in the crockpot on the warm setting so they are ready for use)

olive or almond oil (for perineum compress. be sure to buy a new bottle – do not use an open one from your kitchen)

8 receiving blankets (for receiving baby!!! keeping baby warm, and for other random uses)

mesh panties/hospital underwear (these are my favourite to use after delivery because you’re going to leak and you can just dispose of these comfy briefs after you’re done)

peri bottle (to squirt before, during, and after you pee. peeing and pooping is uncomfortable after delivery and using a peri bottle mixed with water + calendula will bring you a bit of relief)

calendula tincture (to mix with water inside your peri bottle. it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial)

pads (make sure they’re hella thick as you’ll be bleeding a lot especially the first three days post-delivery. also recommend preparing padsicles with these in your last trimester. tutorial here)

home birth kit list

There you have it! I hope you found this list helpful. Drop a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram – be sure to tell me if I missed something on my list that you found to be critical.

Love, peace & happy home births

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