Is the Peloton Bike Worth it? an honest review

Back in August, I was dropping off a gift for a girlfriend and when she answered the door, my jaw just about dropped. She looked incredible. Her jeans were literally slipping down her waist – she looked healthy, strong, and perfectly comfortable in her own body. This being in stark contrast to me – the one who had turned to Old Dutch ketchup chips for lockdown comfort and was woeful because her gym had been forced to close down. I had most definitely put on the Quarantine15 and was feeling dumpy as hell. She told me she had been doing her usual barre classes but had recently purchased and started to use the Peloton.

I had heard of Peloton before and didn’t understand the hype. Wasn’t this just a stationary bike? She explained to me all the wonderful things about it. As soon as I got back into my car, I went directly to their website to price one out. THREE GRAND??!! I needed more testimonials. I chatted with current Pelotoners – my brother, my sister-in-law, random strangers on the web and received a unanimous answer – you need to buy it.

is the peloton bike worth it

So I did. The price was a heavy pill to swallow and here is how I justified it. I was paying around $150/month for my gym membership and had drop-in passes to yoga, spin, and barre studios around the city. And now everything is closed. If I buy the Peloton for one lump sum, that’s basically 2 years’ worth of memberships I’m paying for. With the pandemic on the rise and a baby on the way, I likely wouldn’t be getting back to the gym for at least another 2 years anyway.

Cost Breakdown

I will avoid monthly payments as much as possible because I just like getting payments over and done with so I don’t have to think about them. Peloton gives you the option to finance your bike and equipment at 0% interest so if you don’t mind monthly payments, there’s no harm. Everyone, however, still pays for a monthly membership to gain access to all the classes. Here is exactly what I paid (all numbers are in Canadian Dollars):

Family Package

The family package is the most expensive but I really wanted to get my husband on board with working out at home so this is what I went with and here’s what you get:

Peloton Weights – 2lb
2 pairs Peloton Cycling Shoes
2 Glass Water Bottles
12 Month Limited Warranty
Bike Mat
2 Heart Rate Monitors
2 Urbanears Sumpan Earbuds

Family package cost: $3,529 CAD

Peloton Membership

$49/mo subscription to unlimited Peloton content

Price Drop Refund

Between the time I ordered my bike to the time I received it (approx 5 weeks), Peloton made the decision to lower the price of their bikes to make them more accessible to the masses and reduced the price to $2,495. I received an email saying that my credit card had been refunded the difference. This was a beautiful little surprise and I’m really impressed that they took the initiative to refund some of my money without me even knowing about the price drop, let alone asking about it.

Refund of $455


$3,074 + $49 per month

About the Family Package

Was it worth it to go with the most expensive package Peloton has to offer? Yes and no. You get a ton of equipment but to be honest, the only ‘extras’ we use are the second pair of spin shoes and the bike mat. We don’t use the heart rate monitors, earbuds, or water bottles so for that reason I’m saying no. The flip side to this, though is the second pair of spin shoes you get with it. We could have gone with the lower packages but would have had to source our second set of spin shoes. Since Peloton is only compatible with a certain type of off-brand shoes/clips (delta cleats) we would have had to seek them out and hope that they worked with our new bike. I thought that for a price difference of $250 between the Bike Works and Bike Family package, I would save myself the hassle and just go with the Family package. If you’re crafty at sourcing these things out like a bike mat and spin shoes, I’d go with a lower package.

is the peloton bike worth it

Peloton Heartrate Monitors

This is another reason I went with the Family package but as I mentioned previously, we don’t use them. Simply put, they suck. Like really really really suck. It was finicky to pair with my bike and when I finally got it working it would disconnect constantly and completely throw off my workout. I LOVE knowing my heart rate and calorie burn when I work out so this was super disappointing. I have since gotten a Fitbit Sense and it’s been working beautifully! So let me just say this again – the Peloton heart rate monitors are junk.

Delivery and Setup

Peloton has no doubt been making a KILLING since the pandemic began earlier this year and bike deliveries have been insanely backed up due to demand. I live in Calgary at it took approximately 5 weeks from the time I ordered the bike to the time I received it. Delivery times will completely depend on where you live and/or if there have been any cancellations. My brother got lucky here and got his bike delivered to his house two days after he put the order through because he snagged somebody’s cancelled appointment. So ya never know, but you will get eventually! The 5-week wait was totally worth it by the way.

The folks that deliver will also set the bike up for you. Depending on the company (they are a third party company) and what is going on with pandemic regulations at the time, the setup might look different for you than it did for me. My girlfriend who I mentioned at the beginning of this post, for example, had the company bring the equipment in and set up the bike in her foyer. They couldn’t physically go anywhere else in her house due to COVID regulations at the time, so she and her husband then had to move the bike to their exercise room after they left. My situation was different and they took everything into the room where I wanted them to setup and did everything right there. They will then go through how to adjust the seat, work the screen, etc. The whole process took less than an hour and they followed COVID-19 protocols.

Can you use the app and a regular stationary bike?

is the peloton bike worth it

Yes but the experience is not the same. On the Peloton bike, there’s a large screen attached to the front of it so you’re literally staring into the eyes of an awesome instructor. The screen also has a leaderboard that tells you what position you are in compared to others who have taken the class (I’m always in the lowest percentile). But the handiest thing about owning the actual bike/screen combo is that when you take a spin class, the instructors tell you what resistance and speed you should be going at. When you turn the big red knob left or right, that’s your resistance and the resistance number will show up on your screen as well as your speed, and combined, will give you a total output number. If you are using a regular stationary bike, you will lose this function completely so I don’t recommend. It would be so frustrating to hear “resistance at 45” and not knowing what resistance you’re at and just guessing. This functionality is REALLY so worth it.

Other random things I love about the Peloton

You can just be you

Grunt and curse as much as you like when shit gets hard – go on, it feels so good. There’s no way anyone is letting out weird chirps or grunts at a spin studio so this is where you can let it all go. You can also wear whatever you want. The other day, I took a class in my pink romper, fuzzy sock, and spin shoes. It’s quite liberating to be solely focused on the workout at hand and not about what you look or sound like.

Just Ride or Scenic Route

My husband uses the bike as often as I do, but instead of doing the various classes they offer, he’s discovered the ‘just ride’ feature buried in the options listed as an alternative to doing classes every day. If you are comfortable setting your own cadence and resistance but don’t want the ‘spin class’ atmosphere, this is a good option might be for you. Right next to this in the menu, is the ‘scenic ride’ option. Like just ride, on the scenic routes you get to select your cadence and resistance. They have a lot to choose from – ranging from the streets of Paris to the mountains of New Zealand, to the beaches of the Caribbean. Each is a set duration and has a leaderboard of everybody who has done the ride for comparison (if you want).

Peloton Cons

As much as I love mine, there are a few cons. Minor, but worth noting.

On the bike screen, there is no PAUSE button, only an EXIT button. If you need to pause your workout mid-spin, you’ll have to press Exit and then go back and find the class you were doing and press RESUME and oftentimes, it doesn’t pick up exactly where you left off. Most of the time, I don’t need to pause a workout but I’m a Mom and sometimes my kids can’t wait 20 minutes for their bum to be wiped while Mommy finishes her workout. So Peloton, if you’re listening, please add a pause button to the bike screen. There is a pause button on the app so you can do this no problem when doing other workouts.

Heart rate monitors are terrible

The calorie count that shows up on the screen vs my Fitbit is inconsistent. I trust my Fitbit more than I do the app because my Fitbit is recording my heartrate. During spin classes, the difference is usually very large and I’m actually burning anywhere from 100-150 MORE calories than what appears on the screen. On the other hand, when I take yoga classes, my calorie count is lower, and with strength training, the calorie burn is actually pretty accurate.

It’s pricey

Comradery is not the same as in a studio. You can send virtual high fives and even hop on a video call and workout with a friend who has a Peloton. All neat concepts but nothing beats the spark of energy you feel when surrounded by people in a gym or a studio. But alas, we have no option right now.

When I am pedaling standing up, sometimes my leg/knee inadvertently hits the knob (usually turning the resistance higher). This is probably just sloppy riding on my part.

Peloton and Pregnancy

is the peloton bike worth it

I’m currently 6 months pregnant and have been using the Peloton for 3 of these months. I wouldn’t recommend starting anything extreme or crazy new when you’re pregnant. But I had been taking spin classes in studio for the last 5 years and training at a gym so this wasn’t a shock to my body. All the spin classes I have taken have felt great and it’s nice to take the pressure off my usually aching feet while still getting a workout in. Peloton also offers prenatal yoga classes which are all amazing when you’re having a bit of a slow day. I just wish there were more to choose from – 35 classes is not enough! I’ve done some strength, cardio, and barre workouts too which I have, for the most part, loved. There are some moves that I just modify on my own (like crunches, anything too twisty or jumpy, etc).

My Favourite Classes and Instructors

Spin Classes

Ally Love. This girl IS love. Pure love. And her energy radiates through the screen. I sincerely have loved every single one of her classes and have worked the hardest in them too. She ROCKS my world and always looks absolutely perfect. Her hair and jewelry are on point and she gives me the motivation to shower and actually get dressed after a workout.

Tunde Oyeneyin. Speaking of love, Tunde has the craziest energy and smile that lifts your spirits no matter what. She’s funny as hell but has also made me cry because she speaks some profound shit while teaching and I love that.

Kendall Toole. Badass. She will work you until you think you’ve maxed and then push you even more. If you’re in the mood to have your ass kicked, take one of her classes. I also LOVE taking her weight tracks because she incorporates weighted boxing which is my ultimate fave.

Cody Rigsby. He’s the easiest of the instructors I’ve listed but oh my goodness, he makes me laugh. I love his cheeky humour and I feel like I’m talking to a friend when he’s on-screen. LOVE his personality.


Kristin McGee. She teaches all the pre and postnatal yoga classes and regular ones too. I love following along to her voice – she’s gentle and hands you modifications while still being a very talented and advanced yoga teacher.


Jess Simms. She has amazing playlists and her energy rocks.

Rebecca Kennedy. I love this girl’s moves! Her playlists can be hit or miss but for the most part, I love her workouts.

Final Verdict

is the peloton bike worth it

Yep. The Peloton is totally worth the money. Super easy to use, amazing new workouts being added every single day, and I promise you will get your sweat on. I have a referral code for you to use (KW8ZM8) maxed out! Please use the code NK47KA until December 2021! That’ll get you $125 off your purchase. I am only allowed 12 referrals per year though. So if this doesn’t work for you, just ask anyone who has a Peloton because they will have one too! Hit me up on Instagram or in the comments below if I haven’t answered one of your questions and I’ll be happy to answer 🙂

Love, peace & Peloton

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