Where to eat in Maui if you’re Gluten Free & Vegan

After almost 20 visits to Maui, I’ve discovered the yummiest restaurants and grocery stores that tick all my boxes (and I’m assuming yours too since you’re reading this). Here are the best spots to hit up if you’re GLUTEN-FREE and or VEGAN / PLANT-BASED.

Beach Street


A shack in the parking lot of Rainbow Mall in Kihei. They serve up generous portions of açai bowls (served with GF granola) and delicious green smoothies (no fillers or sweetened juice).

Cafe des Amis


If I were to recommend only one place to go, go here. I ate here 3 separate times – 2 late lunches & 1 dinner. Their menu is fresh, organic, local and they have a ton of gluten-free vegan options. They do serve meat and fish, though, so don’t be surprised when you see it on their menu. I stuck with the curries. They have two delicious veggie curries both of which are friggen phenomenal. I also had their Lilikoi margaritas (aka margaritas with passion fruit) – highly recommend! For the kids, I ordered their veggie platter which includes pita bread (not GF), hummus, and veggies… obviously.

The vibe of this place is everything I could have ever asked for. The restaurant is located between two buildings so it’s essentially a wide alley. The decor is so perfect and located right beside a vegan ice cream shop! We tried all their vegan ice creams, including a coconut-based mango and passion fruit ice cream.

Choice Health Bar


A fantastic option for quick lunches. They have tons of options for fresh smoothies, açai bowls and leafy green salads.

Flatbread Company


Although a chain, it doesn’t feel like one. The food is SO fresh and they serve gluten-free and vegan pizza soooooo, ’nuff said. The only thing is that the gluten-free crust is an extra $7 USD which is a shame but wow it’s good. I shared this pizza with the kiddos and got another to go for the next night!

Hawaiian Moons Natural Market


This is my go-to grocery store in Kihei. Pricey groceries, but worth it. Their produce is fantastic, they carry all the best brand names in the health food sphere, including beauty products and supplements. The deli is my favourite part though. They have a serve-yourself dealyo that includes dishes like potatoes, veggies, a salad bar, etc. But they also have a counter when you can order fresh smoothies and bowls. We often hit up the deli and took our food to the beach to watch the sunset.

Mana Foods


Of all the food stores, this was my favourite. Located at the end of the strip on Paia, this market has everything your gluten-free vegan heart desires. I found phenomenal bread there (I bought 3 loaves in total during our trip)! They also have super fresh produce and baked treats like Peanut Butter GF and Vegan Cupcakes.

Upcountry Farmers Market


Every Saturday between 7-11 all of Maui’s best, most vegan-y, perfectly hippie folks come out. Hands down, it’s the best farmers market I’ve ever been to. We feasted on ginger-infused sugar cane juice, vegan donuts & these crepes! This beauty was made with buckwheat flour and inside was jam-packed with avocado, spinach, tomato & pickled eggplant.

You’ll also find some craft vendors and gorgeous flowers. These flowers pictured below were just $1 each! If we were staying a bit longer, I would have stocked up to beautify our little condo.

Let me know if you find any other gluten-free, plant-based gems in Maui and I’ll add ’em in here!

Love, peace & aloha

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