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book for new moms

I co-wrote a book called Poppin Bottles. Writing a book has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl and damn I’m feeling accomplished. There’s just one teeny promblemo. The book was released at what was quite possibly the worst timing… ever. At the beginning of the for new moms

Marketing efforts and launch parties were quiet and non-existent. To flaunt my new book in the face of a world-wide pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement seemed in poor taste. Instead? I whispered to my close friends and family about it. My co-author and I have sold a few thousand copies which hey, man – I’m not mad about. But we had big dreams.

Now that the world seems to be settling into the discomfort, I only feel like it’s appropriate, 8 months after the official launch, to mention my book on the world wide web. So here we go, friends!

What’s the book about?

My not-so-new book debunks the most common prejudices of motherhood. It illuminates the good, the bad, and literal shitty truth about pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond – all while demonstrating our commonalities as women. Each chapter has two different perspectives on varying topics – one from me (a suburban Mom) and one from an unhitched city girl. It’s funny, raw & most of all comforting.

book for new moms

What others have said

“Authentic And Real These authors have honed their voice – you can’t help put to feel like you are reading the account of your best girlfriend as you read along. The book is written from such an authentic and real place – making it hilarious and really a reassurance that you are not alone!” -Christina from Calgary

“A Must Read For Every Mom / Woman These girls are hilarious! The honest truth about motherhood and being a woman!” –Eleni from North Carolina

“Love ❤️ Loved this from start to finish (didn’t even put it down)… two amazing view points that are so relatable. I can see parts of myself in both of these amazing women. Loved it and cant wait for a sequel? Xoxoxo” -Caitlin from Toronto

“Super cute & funny Loved this book!!!! It was a super cute & funny way to portray motherhood from two different outlooks of two girls from different cities!” -Danielle from Toronto

“Cannot Get Enough This book is one of the most relatable I’ve read in a very long time. Whether you’re a single girl in her 20s or a mom of 4 in her 40s, this book truly has something for everyone. The rawness and authenticity that both authors bring to the book, make you feel like you’re sharing stories with friends over a few mimosas. Could not put it down!” -Brianne from Canada

“Impeccable, hilarious, ever so genuine Whether you’re a younger mom, older mom, not a mom at all, a sister, grandma, or an aunt – as a woman, you’ll downright relate to this book! The authors have a knack for storytelling that’ll make you blush, chuckle, and roll with laughter all at the same time. The book is also aesthetically appealing, looks great on the coffee table! Love it” -Gita from Victoria

Where to buy it

book for new moms


Amazon Kindle

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Amazon Kindle 

Amazon Hardcover 

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Thank you

Thank you for your support throughout the years and thank you for supporting this little passion project of mine! I know you’ll adore this book and would love it if you tagged me in a photo with your book on Instagram!

Love, peace & pretty pink books

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