Ten items to bring for the Perfect Picnic

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picnic food ideas

It’s picnic szn! Wondering what to pack that’s satisfying, healthy, and easy to throw together? I gotchu.

In Calgary, hot and sunny days are few and far between. So when they arrive, we take full advantage. We went out to the mountains (luckily, very close to where we live) and had a breathtaking view of the Rockies. We are also very lucky in that we live super close to two Save-on-Foods locations. Are we there almost every day? Yes. Am I a little bit addicted to that store? Also, yes.

I grabbed all my picnic supplies (including cutlery and other picnic accessories) from Save-on-Foods.

picnic food ideas

Healthy Picnic Menu

Fruit & Veg

Watermelon (cut beforehand or buy pre-sliced)



Carrots (cut into sticks beforehand)

picnic food ideas


Grilled Tofu (grill day or day before – I like using the pressed tofu best for grilling)

Fresh Bread with Peanut Butter + Strawberries

picnic food ideas


Avocado Toast

Grain-free Nacho Tortilla Chips


Trail Mix

picnic food ideas


Grapefruit Sparkling Water

picnic food ideas

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Keep it as simple as possible
  • Choose items that keep garbage/packaging to a minimum
  • There will be ants – just be okay with that 😉

picnic food ideas

Other Picnic Supplies

Hand Sanitizer

Paper Plates or Tupperware



picnic food ideas

More Healthy Picnic Snacks

for the Vegan

Granola Bars

Fruit Leathers

Ants on a log (celery with peanut butter + raisins)


Mini Cucumbers

Veggie Platter


picnic food ideas

for the Omni

Turkey Pepperoni


Cheese and Charcuterie

Roasted Chicken

Hard-boiled Eggs

picnic food ideas

All About Al-Fresco

My favourite thing about picnics? Not having to worry about crumbs. Yes, I’m the Monica in my family 😉 Picnics take a small amount of prep work and with this handy little guide, I’ve hopefully made it super simple for you. Scratch that… Save-on-foods will make it super simple for you.

Comment on my latest Instagram picnic post to tell me what you brought on your picnic!

Love, Peace & ants on a log… literally

picnic food ideas

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