Pumpkin Pancakes – gluten-free, grain-free & vegan

We just had these pumpkin pancakes for brunch over the weekend and they were flippin’ divine. This batch made 12 pancakes and all but one were devoured. I had the last lonely pancake for a post-workout snack and dare I say, it tasted EVEN better?! Damn, these were good. The cassava flour made the pancakes perfectly crispy on the outside and preserved a chewy pumpkin texture inside. I haven’t made these with other flours but I’m willing to bet you could achieve the same end result with tapioca flour, which is a lot cheaper than cassava.

pumpkin pancakes healthy

pumpkin pancakes healthy

pumpkin pancakes healthy

Optional (but highly recommended) Toppings

Maple syrup

Vegan butter

Almond butter

pumpkin pancakes healthy

pumpkin pancakes healthy

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

Love, peace & tastes like autumn


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