Top 10 stretches for pregnant women

All I want to do during this pregnancy is streeeeeeettttttch. As soon as I wake up, when I’m walking around, when I’m cooking, seriously all day everyday… stretching is what my body craves more than chocolate! Well, kinda 😉 Our bodies are growing to make room for that little baby, which means that things are bound to shift around. A lot of pregnant women wake up feeling stiff or sore because of this, and stretching is the best way to alleviate that discomfort. Stretching is also going to help you in labour by keeping your muscles flexible and strong! I chatted with one of my most trusted sources – my chiropractor (who also happens to be my brother!) to bring you the top 10 best stretches for pregnant women. So here we go!

Stretches For Pregnant Women


Pigeon pose is ideal for pregnant women to alleviate that inevitable tension in our lower back and hips.

Stretches For Pregnant Women

Stretches For Pregnant Women

Cat Cow

This pose also alleviates pain in the back by shifting the weight of the baby off the spine. Not only does this stretch feel uuuuhhhhmazing, but its also a great toner for your shoulders and abs. Yes, they’re still in there somewhere!

Stretches For Pregnant Women

Stretches For Pregnant Women

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose offers a lot of the same benefits at cat cow, but is even more relaxing. Focus on your breathing when you’re in this posture and remember to keep your toes together and knees apart to allow for more room for your belly and make this pose more comfortable.

Straddle Forward Fold

Like many of the stretches above, this pose allows for the weight of your baby to hang, taking pressure off your low back and hips. If twists feel good for you, you can try an open twist here by placing your right hand on your right foot and lifting your let arm up, then switching sides.

Stretches For Pregnant Women

Stretches For Pregnant Women

Standing Forward Fold

This simple forward fold is extraordinarily relaxing. Just make sure you stand with your feet abit wider apart than usual to allow more room for your belly.

Legs up the Wall variation

This is a variation of having your legs directly up the wall in front of you and can be done using a couch, chair, or box. This variation is less intense on your lower back and an easier pose for pregnant women to get into. Elevating your feet up over your head will reduce swelling in your ankles and feet and help blood circulation in your legs. This inversion also helps with digestion and insomnia which are common problems in pregnancy. There may come a time where lying on your back is no longer comfortable, which is perfectly normal during pregnancy. Simply prop yourself up with a bolster or some blankets instead of a straight back.

Stretches For Pregnant Women

Yogic Squat

This is THE best pose for opening up tight hips and is a great trainer for the muscles we use during labour and delivery.

Seated Side Stretch

A side stretch will always feel amazing because you’re creating more room for baby while stretching through your pelvis and hips. It’s important for us to find as much room in our torso as baby gets bigger and bigger.

Stretches For Pregnant Women

Triangle Pose

This is a more dynamic side body stretch that also targets the inner thighs while lengthening your body.


This is a fantastic stretch for your inner thighs and groin area and helps with soothing sciatica, which a lot of pregnant women suffer from.

Stretches For Pregnant Women

Remember to…

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-2″ wrap=”i”] Practice control of your pelvic floor and keep it engaged

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-2″ wrap=”i”] Set your timer for at least 45 seconds per stretch

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-2″ wrap=”i”] Use props like yoga blocks or blankets to make the stretch more comfortable for your belly

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-2″ wrap=”i”] Since our bodies are producing a magical hormone called relaxin, we have to be careful not to push too much

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-2″ wrap=”i”] Breathe

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Love, peace & preggo stretches [wp-svg-icons icon=”heart” wrap=”i”]


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