Curly Girl Shampoo & Conditioner – Pantene Rose Water Sulfate-Free Collection

I’ve partnered with Pantene for this blog post to share their new Pantene Pro-V Blends Rose Water Sulfate-Free collection. All opinions and experiences are obviously my own. Enjoy!

Pantene Rose Water Review

I was once in a relationship with a guy who didn’t find me attractive when sporting my natural curls. But this is also coming from a guy who bought me blue contact lenses and asked that I dye my hair blonde. A real winner, you guys. When I finally met my husband and he told me that I looked beautiful with no makeup and my natural curls, I knew I’d found the one.

Growing up with curly hair (and even dating apparently…) can be hard. Natural curls aren’t always easy to manage. Most of my friends had straight hair and to find a good hairdresser who knows curls?! Good luck! It’s hard to find the right products, know how to care for them, and feel attractive when you’re the only one big, puffy hair in 5th grade. Fast forward to now… I am in my 30’s and I’ve learned to embrace them. I wear my hair curly quite a bit in the summertime or when I go on vacation and love the look it gives me.

There are many tips I’ve learned throughout the years and could go on and on, but today I wanted to talk about shampoo and conditioner. These two are necessary products for every woman but are often overlooked because some think that all the magic happens in the styling product. I’ve recently discovered the NEW Pantene Rose Water collection that’s sulfate-free, paraben-free, dye-free and mineral oil-free.

With any hair, but particularly curly hair, it’s so delicate and naturally dry, so you NEED all the moisture you can get. Pantene’s new collection has a rosewater base which is a big trend in skincare. Both the shampoo and conditioner is rich in vitamin B3 and B5 and has a blend of pro-vitamin b5, antioxidants, and rose water.

Pantene Rose Water Review

Pantene Rose Water Review

You can probably take a stab of what the shampoo and conditioner smell like… roses 😉 So the smell is a huge win. The shampoo also lathers up really nicely, which I’m not used to seeing in sulfate-free shampoos. It left my hair feeling so clean without drying it out at all. I also love this line because I have balayage highlights. I like to keep things pretty low maintenance and only see my hairdresser twice a year so I need products that are safe for colour-treated hair and won’t make my colour turn brassy.

When I wear my hair curly, I wash it every 3 or 4 days and find the conditioner in this line is great for moisturizing and keeping frizz under control in between washes. My hair feels super soft and my curls are moisturized which is always what I look for when I wear my hair curly.

Pantene Rose Water Review

That’s all, for now, my curly-haired goddesses! Hit me up on Instagram if you have any questions about curly hair-care.

Love, peace + curls for days

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