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vitamins for kids
Can you believe this weather lately?! It is so damn cold! When the temperatures drop this drastically (high of -28 C here in YYC) and it’s so frigid, we can’t let the kids out to play at all. We try to do as much as possible inside to keep them entertained. Unfortunately, at this time of year, I find that we all start to get the sniffles and feel a little run down, so we try to stay on top of our health and immune systems as much as we can.

This is a sponsored post. I have been using these gummy vitamins and giving them to my kiddos for well over a year now and it’s just my luck that they wanted to partner with me! I do not make any commission off of sales but I do have a code for you (lemonsfordays20) that you can use to receive 20% off your purchase 🙂

I first discovered Herbaland this past summer at a natural foods market in Kimberley, BC and thought I’d pick up some vitamin gummies for the kids. Ever since, I’ve been purchasing in bulk because my four-year-old, Henry, won’t have it any other way. He literally springs out of bed each morning and yells “GUMMIES!!!”

vitamins for kids



vitamins for kids

Herbaland is Canada’s largest nutritional gummy manufacturer, and we love them! Herbaland started in 2009 and they produce some of the world’s cleanest and tastiest gummies.

As a family, we love what Herbaland stands for: Community, Inclusivity, and Sustainability.


They do their best to give back to the planet which means using zero-waste packaging, energy-efficient production and acquiring ethically sourced ingredients.


This is a big one for us because not a lot of companies create products to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of dietary restrictions or religious preferences. Herbaland’s gummies are always vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free! Their inclusivity also means mindful pricing so they can ensure their products are accessible to all regardless of income.


At Herbaland, they act locally and think globally which means that every action focuses on making the planet a happier, healthier place. They believe that even the smallest actions have a huge impact.

We personally use several of their products daily and the kids go nuts for the flavours! I think we can all agree that getting kids to eat something they don’t want to eat is a losing battle but Henry begs us for his vitamins each morning! Win-Win!

vitamins for kids


Multivitamin Gummies for Kids (Sugar-Free)

vitamins for kids

Henry loves taking these fruity multivitamins. Not only are they Herbaland’s most advanced multi-vitamin and mineral formula but these gummies are so tasty and made with a plant-based, organic and sugar-free formula. They contain Vitamin E from sunflowers, the most bio-available form of Vitamin B12, as well as a balanced combination of 16 essential vitamins and minerals. By giving him two Multivitamin gummies a day, not only will his body’s biological functions be supported but so will his growth and development.

Immune Boost Gummies for Kids (Sugar-Free)vitamins for kids

These cherry-flavoured immune-boosting gummies are a powerful mix of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Elderberry and Echinacea. With these antioxidants working together, supporting your immune system and even getting over a cold has never been so delicious! Each morning we give Henry 3 gummies to stay on top of what his body needs to stay healthy.

Sugar-Free Vitamin C Gummies (For Adults & Kids)

vitamins for kids

I think we can all agree that the most well-known Vitamin out there is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is renowned for its collection of health benefits and is clinically proven to improve overall well-being. As an antioxidant, it is a powerful way to boost your immune system. Herbaland’s Sugar-Free Vitamin C gummies are exactly what you need for glowing health, inside and out. Flavoured with Lemon & Pomelo, these plant-based gummies will deliver maximum benefits for glowing health, inside and out.

Mark, myself and Henry always make sure we take two Vitamin C gummies daily to help ward off colds and prevent deficiency.

vitamins for kids


vitamins for kids

Herbaland is renowned for their delicious and nutritious gummy vitamins, however, they make other products as well… CANDY!! And it’s CLEAN candy! They have gummies in three different flavours: Rad Raspberry, Peach Passion, and Blueberry Burst. They also have those same flavours in a sour trio pack too (my personal fave). The Sour Good News Gummies Tart Trio even has a whopping 15g of prebiotic fiber per pack! It keeps you fuller longer, so you don’t over-indulge – ha! But even if you did close the pantry door to have a moment to yourself and enjoy a couple of packs, they are guilt-free, so I say, ‘get it, Mama!’.


vitamins for kids
As a mom of soon-to-be three, I love that I can count on Herbaland to provide me with the knowledge and the right vitamins to keep us, as a family, safe, healthy and happy. Whether you’re looking for products to help with your fitness routine, beauty products like a collagen booster or if you need some R&R, I definitely recommend checking out Herbaland’s products to see which ones are right for you!

I know sometimes it’s hard to try new products without knowing how they are so don’t fear! I have a discount code to share with you lemonsfordays20

Have you tried Herbaland products before? I’d love to hear what your faves are!
vitamins for kids

Love, peace, and making health fun

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