Weird pregnancy symptoms – early pregnancy and beyond

We all know the common ones, but do we know these?weird early pregnancy symptoms

Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Massively increased resting heart rate

When gyms reopened in June for a very brief window, I went to my usual class. I hadn’t been to the gym since mid-March but had been working out at home so I wasn’t unfit by any means. I wear a heart rate monitor at my gym that broadcasts itself on a screen with other people in the class. My resting heart rate was insane, and within seconds of running on the treadmill, my heart rate was at 90%, then jumped to 100% and remained there for most of the class. I had taken a test just days before and it was negative so I thought my increased heart rate was due to me working out as hard as I could have during lockdown, But nah, it was the wee baby.

Heartbeat/pulse in my stomach

I took a pregnancy test 6 days before my expected period because #impatient. It was negative. Two days later, I was laying, stomach down, on the floor while playing with my daughter. I felt a pulse in my stomach. It was like a rush of blood had formed in the pit of my stomach to create a new home. I immediately ran upstairs, took another pregnancy test, and lo and behold – it was POSITIVE!

weird early pregnancy symptoms

Weird 2nd & 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

Hair grows (and doesn’t grow) in weird places

I’m currently 32 weeks and I’ve shaved my legs mayyyybe four times throughout my pregnancy. My leg hair just doesn’t grow! You might be thinking ‘lucky you’! Don’t be too jealous, my friend. I have hair growing in weird, hard to reach places instead. I’ve got a single stomach hair, about an inch south of my belly button that grows at a rapid pace and must be plucked weekly. I’ve also inherited two chin hairs that seem to double in length each day. Underarm hair remains consistently annoying.

Rash in between boobs

We all know that most women seem to double, or in my case, quadruple in breast size while pregnant. Wearing bras is a non-negotiable for me and no matter the type – sports bra, stretchy, or cup – my massive boobs always find a way of greeting one another. When they form together in such a way, everyday sweat happens and gathers between my boobs. Moisture + thin sensitive skin = boob rash. I’ve found a way to combat this gross symptom and that’s to keep it hella dry using baby powder. Obviously, don’t use the talc shit. I bought this Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder off amazon and it works perfectly. After showering and lotioning, just dust some of this powder in between and under your boobs. It will keep you smelling fresh and moisture be gone. No more bumpy, red, itchy, gross rash.

weird early pregnancy symptoms


I’ve never had seasonal allergies but I can only assume this is maybe what they feel like? I have to blow my nose every morning and seem to get congested throughout the day. It’s a bit annoying to always feel like you have to blow or pick at your nose but not bad. Oh, also an increased amount of bloody boogers. Don’t be alarmed though – perfectly normal.

I hope this comforts you during your pregnancy. Let me know your weirdest pregnancy symptoms in the comments below or DM on Instagram!

Love, peace & our bodies do the craziest things

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