Benefits of Whole Grains and Fun & Easy Child development activities with Cheerios

This blog post is sponsored by Cheerios – a staple in our house. But before I go into how delicious, convenient and healthy they are, I’d like to tell you my story. Because I’ve had a rocky relationship with food in the past that having kids has helped me overcome. Here we go!

Psssst. scroll to the bottom for a fun free printable you can use with your kids!

cheerios nutrition facts

I used to avoid whole-grains at all costs. I thought they would make me gain weight and decided to cut out every single carbohydrate from my diet in the hopes that one day, I would be happy with my body. I tried this approach for years with no success. Little did I know that these whole-grains I was actively avoiding were the answer to my woes. I knew I didn’t want to pass on my complicated relationship with food to my children so I started to do my research into a more balanced approach. I found that whole-grains provide crucial nutrients, loads of fiber, tons of vitamins, and help with digestion.

Balance is key

Carbohydrates. Protein. Fat. These are the macronutrients in food that our bodies need and glucose is mostly found in carbohydrates but can show up in the others too. To eliminate one of these macronutrients from our diets is also known as ‘restricting’ and I think we’ve all learned by now that that’s not a sustainable way to eat. We tend to overeat in one area because we feel so restricted in another. This results in an unbalanced diet, a burdened liver, and a lack of nutrients and minerals.

cheerios nutrition facts

I’m so passionate about this because I used to think carbs were the devil and avoided them at all costs. I would eat a diet heavy in fat and protein during the day then binge on dark chocolate at night or have cheat days FULL of carbohydrates. My body’s adrenaline was through the roof and it paid for it. I ended up with severe digestive issues, low energy, dull skin, and worst of all, a complex about food.

I slowly began to introduce whole grains into my diet and found that they weren’t so scary after all. I chose my carbohydrates very deliberately and only included the ones that made my body feel amazing. I also wanted to do this to set a healthy example for my kids. I didn’t want them looking to me as their role model and wonder why I was being so restrictive with food.


Carbohydrates are comforting. Oh yes – there’s nothing better than a bowl of mashed potatoes, a slice of fresh bread, or my favourite – a bowl of cereal. Like I said before, I’m deliberate with what I choose to put in my body and feed my kids. The potatoes I feed them are not fried or laden with butter and milk; instead, they are baked with light seasoning. The cereal I buy doesn’t have a 20-ingredient list and is not laden with sugar; instead, I buy them natural simple cereal like Cheerios.

Food doesn’t have to be masked with chemicals or sugar in order to taste good. This iconic yellow box is a family favourite for breakfast or a snack.


Is anything more convenient than Cheerios? Seriously though. They serve as a toy and a snack for the kids. It’s a no-fail snack. I constantly have them shaking around in my diaper bag and pull them out as a defense against meltdowns and boredom.

It’s also a go-to breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us especially when I’m solo-parenting. Add a few pieces of fruit and almond milk in there and you’re good to go. It’s no Martha Stewart show stopper, but as Moms, we have to make strategic choices sometimes 😉

cheerios nutrition facts

The Blue Badge

You may have noticed a blue badge on some cereal boxes while perusing the grocery store aisles recently. It’s a new ‘stamp of approval’ that makes it easy for us as consumers to spot a product with whole grains as the first ingredient – an important thing to consider in a world full of questionable ingredients.

cheerios nutrition facts

Nothing has changed about the taste of Cheerios, by the way. They’ve just brought the first ingredient in their cereal to our attention by putting a blue badge of honour on it 🙂 It’s an easy way to spot a great quality product with high-quality ingredients.

cheerios nutrition facts

Free Printable

Not only do we love eating Cheerios, but we love playing with them too! I developed this Counting with Cheerios template to help my son, Henry, with his counting and it’s worked marvellously! Click below to download it for your kiddos 🙂

CLICK HERE << Cheerios Counting Activity Free Printable  >> CLICK HERE

cheerios nutrition facts

Love, peace & whole grains

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