Why I turned down over $15,000 in work in 2019

Prior to starting my own blog, I remember seeing an ad on a friend’s Instagram feed for milk. This friend of mine was 100% lactose intolerant. I vowed that I’d never be ‘that’ girl… the one who takes anything she can get just to make a quick buck.

All the campaigns I list in this blog post were turned down based on my own personal beliefs and values. There were more I turned down throughout the year due to exclusivity rights, and budget, but that’s a whole other category.

Lemons for Days Calgary Blogger

Disclaimer** I am choosing not to release the name of the brands I turned down out of respect for the brand and my blogger friends who did work with them and did a fabulous job on the campaigns.

Here’s what I turned down this year

2 different fast-food joints

I don’t eat fast-food, my kids have never been to a fast-food joint and their food doesn’t appeal to my gluten-free, dairy-free, mostly healthy diet.

Income lost: $2250


I poop. You poop. Everybody poops. BUT I don’t have any constipation issues so it’s not a product I use.

Income lost: $750

Iced Tea

The first ingredient was glucose corn syrup and the ‘tea’ in the iced tea was just flavouring. It’s not something I would drink myself or give to my family

Income lost: $2200


My kids are too young to have watched this particular movie and I also don’t have a DVD player… do people still own them?

Income lost: $900

BMI awareness

This was a campaign looking for me to spread the word on how obesity is not healthy. Picture this: l’il old me who has never weighed more than 130 lbs or struggled with obesity, telling the world that my body is better and healthier than theirs? There was no positivity in their message, just shaming. I declined immediately and told them exactly why.

Income lost: $750


I don’t eat gluten. Plain and simple. I suppose I could have spun it in a way that made it seem like the product was for guests or my husband but it was too much of a stretch for me to feel comfortable.

Income lost: $750

Hair salon

I am obsessed with my hairdresser. I could never leave her… not even for a paid campaign. My hair is too precious.

Income lost: $1200

Beef jerky

It’s not like I never eat meat… I just don’t eat it often. And if I choose to, you bet it’s going to be organic and fresh. I also have a very large vegan and plant-based following so it wouldn’t have been a natural fit.

Income lost: $1800

Deli Meats

Same reason as above, but I also would never buy deli meats. Most are pumped with hormones and processed like crazy. Not a food I would ever opt to give to myself or my children.

Income lost: $2500

Scary movies

There was a new horror film coming out in theatres that they wanted me to promote. If I even SEE a glimpse of a remotely scary commercial or scene on TV, I am scarred for life. Scary movies are just not my thing.

Income lost: $800

Toy store event

Unless there’s wine involved, I don’t love working events. I find them to be a bit forced. This was for a toy store and I had just done a collaboration with a toy company the month prior. I was afraid I’d be gifted even more toys that my kids didn’t need and clutter my home with just more STUFF.

Income lost: $1000

Beauty Products

This last one is a bit of a tricky one… I hadn’t signed a formal contract yet but had received the products in the mail. I posted about the products on IG stories and mentioned how I knew of this particular brand and that I wasn’t a fan of their sales structure, but it didn’t mean I didn’t like the products! I mentioned that I was willing to give it a go and that I was only posting about it, NOT trying to get my followers to join a multi-level-marketing situation. They got upset and fired me.

Income lost: $900


Income Lost? … or Gained?

I have definitely taken on campaigns that I now regret. When you’re new to the game, an offer of any sort – in kind or paid – can be too thrilling of a prospect to turn down. You get so wrapped up in the excitement that someone sees value in your work that it can be easy to forget to check your values before agreeing to it. I’ve learned my lessons the hard way.

Lemons for Days Calgary Blogger

But what I’m realizing more than anything that HAVING an actual identity makes you valuable. If you take on every single collaboration that comes your way, you are no longer speaking to a niche or focused group. You’re trying to speak to everyone and it comes across as desperate (to make money) and disingenuous to your followers.

Loyal clients and loyal followers are shaped and attracted by YOU. The more you stay true to your authentic self, the more you will attract, and the more money you will eventually make.

Don’t say yes to everything that comes your way. It’s kind of like sleeping with anyone who comes your way – you’ll wind up feeling dirty, used, disrespected and probably with a lot of STDs.

Love, peace & everybody poops

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